Effects Of Environmental Pollution

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Abstract Environmental pollution is arising from the mining industry in the Western World and from the developing nations is a serious issue in current days. Cross-cultural perception studies are needed to understand similarities and differences, if any, in human response to environmental problems between developed and developing countries. Increasing environmental problems in the mining zones of India is one of the burning issues from last two decades. The Damodar Valley coalfields mainly in Raniganj, share a relatively serious environmental problems. The Damodar Valley coalfields located in the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal contain most of the productive coalmines in India. Underground mining, predominantly by board and pillar methods accounts for most of the production for the country. Index Terms- Environmental degradation, Coal mining, Raniganj coal mine, West Bengal I. INTRODUCTION: NATURE OF ENVIRONMENT PROBLEM Among the multiple adverse impacts of coal mining on the environment, subsidence damages, ravages of mine fires, and air and water pollution are severe in the Lower kenda and very large in the Raniganj coalfield. The fires have pockmarked the coalfield and threaten main railroads and highways in many places. Acid mine drainage from coal workings and abandoned mines constitutes a serious problem. The effluents from coal washing plants area, the subsidence, which causes loss of agricultural land and damage to surface structures. The extent
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