Gender Differences In The United States

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In the United States, the workforce still faces many issues of a discrepancy between the genders regarding the amount that each is paid. According to The American Association of University Women, it is in fact much worse than initially reported on when looking at the difference between the pay of all men and women. This discrepancy can cause a dramatic shift in the way that women are approached and treated in the workplace, especially when they are confronting upper management. My intent here is to show that in fact there is indeed a dramatic difference between men and women with direct evidence that those working full time positions in the United States, and even around the world, are paid dramatically differently than their peers. The problem…show more content…
The workforce of the nation depends on different parts of the world. It has proven Piscke that women in the United States make much more than of some women who lived in a different country and aren’t value as well. Women are told to believe to have the effect of producing multiple children and not allowed to leave their homes to work or get an education. Women are also not allowed to make the money and sometimes have to cover their whole body and can be punished by their own men if they don’t bend by their rules so for the man they decide what they can do and don’t do and must just aren’t allowed to work and have to make their own earning under the table or don’t have any at all. after studying the wage gap for women of color, for instance, it becomes clear that on average, women of color experience a much greater wage deficit than white…show more content…
This is due to a difference in the way that these groups look at the issue in its entirety. Because of these clashes over the course of recent years, the issue of fighting against the apparent wage gap between men and women has been triumphed by feminist groups from around the world. These groups utilize all the various evidence at their disposal, whether it is through research studies or political actions, to push legislation and corporate policy that will affect how large of a difference there is between men and women when looking at the average pay check. However, to say that the feminists are the only groups to champion this ideal would be an understatement, There are several other groups within various governing bodies that provide further support to the task at hand. Without these groups “on the inside” there wouldn’t be so much success with the ability of these groups to change how the world sees this
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