Effects Of Error Correction

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THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Error treatment is a complex phenomenon and it is important to note that error correction is a subcategory of error treatment. Brown (2007) clarifies this, such that “Error treatment encompasses a wide range of options, one of which – at the extreme end of a continuum – may be considered to be a correction” (p. 348). Richards and Schmidt (2010) define error correction as “strategies used by a teacher or more advanced learner to correct errors in a learner’s speech” (p. 185). Corrective feedback is a means of offering modified input to students which could consequently lead to modified output by the students. Corrective feedback may be referred to as negative feedback, negotiated help or error correction. Students’ have individual differences from each other personality, attitude, interest, learning styles, language proficiency, cognitive abilities and so on. Hence, studying the English language is quite difficult. It is normal for anyone who learned the Second language to make mistakes or errors, which is different from his or her mother tongue. As stated by Brown (2007), errors are the “idiosyncrasies in the language of the learner that are direct manifestations of a system within which a learner is operating at the time” (p.258). Error correction is one of the core areas in the field of English language teaching. According to Amara (2015), it is “seen as a form of feedback given to learners on their language use”. Correcting
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