Effects Of European Exploration

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During its period of exploration, Europe developed a major impact on areas like Asia, Africa, and the Americas, by areas like Portugal and Spain, as well as the French and Dutch. The exploration not only increased trade, but launched a whole new view of the world to Europe. For example, the Portuguese discovered new items through spice trade that could benefit with trade throughout all of Europe. Or when Spain discovered the Americas and began trading slaves from Africa to both Spain and Portugal. Ages like when the English first colonized all impacted how European Exploration alone changed the view of the world for Asia, Africa, and the Americas. For Asia, Africa, and the Americas, as much as there systems of government, religion, language,…show more content…
His goal was to discover more trade opportunities and extend Christianity. Eventually, Portuguese ships began to travel southward along the western coast of Africa in search of gold. Soon, the Portuguese reached just north of Cape Verde and returned with a cargo full of black Africans, most of which were sold as slaves in Europe. From then on the Portuguese continued to bring more African slaves back to Lisbon each year. In 1487, a Portuguese man, Bartholomew Diaz, rounded the Cape of Good Hope. After Diaz, Vasco De Gama increased the journey by rounding the cape, sailing along the eastern coast of Africa, and cut across the Indian Ocean to the coast of southwestern India. Eventually, De Gama reached the port of Calicut where he earned a supply of ginger and cinnamon. Portuguese fleets continued to return each year to create Portuguese control over spice trade. Later, on the western coast of India, Alfonso d’ Albuquerque set up their first port at Goa. The Portuguese then reached the city of Malacca on the Malay Peninsula. Albuquerque sought for control of Malacca for access to the Spice Islands, the Moluccas, and to help destroy spice trade. In the end, Albuquerque was successful after a shot battle. The Portuguese soon launched expeditions even farther east until there trading empire was complete, as they had finally took control of the spice trade from Muslim traders.…show more content…
The English and Dutch were the greatest threat to the Portuguese Empire in Southeast Asia. The English first got involved when an English fleet landed in Northwestern coast of India. After establishing new trade relations, trade with England spread to Southeast Asia as well. The Dutch arrived in India in 1595 and soon after the Dutch East India Company was formed. The Dutch also began the West India Company to compete with rivalries, the Dutch and Spanish, in the Americas. Today the Dutch are known for settling among the Hudson River valley where the English later established New York. Other known Dutch city names like Harlem or Manhattan, still exist today. Eventually, the Dutch began to decline when rivalries with England and France introduced warfare. Once the West India Company went bankrupt, there was not much left for the Dutch success but to be left for the French. Aside from the Dutch, the English continued to thrive as they settled more colonies along the eastern seaboard of North America like the famous Massachusetts Bay
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