Effects Of Extremism In Pakistan

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INTRODUCTION SETTING THE CONTEXT Violence and extremism is not a new phenomenon for Pakistan, however in recent decades there has been an unprecedented increase in violent extremism, and incidents of conflict and terrorism. Pakistani society in last two decades has seen a radical transformation, resulting in thinning levels of tolerance, acceptance and harmony. The challenge has been intensified due to the geo-strategic factors which tend to catalyze the existing drivers of conflict. The state institutions and civilians are increasingly susceptible to the costs of the proliferation of radicalization and resultant extremism. Pakistan in recent years has been badly scarred by multiple political, ethnic, religious, sectarian, and environmental conflicts. Since 2007, there has been an alarming increase in the number of incidents of conflict and terrorism related incidents in the country, according to Government of Pakistan from 2007 to 2015 there have been 16,375 incidents across the country . An estimated 50,000 civilians have lost their lives in the last decade, while loss to the economy is assessed at USD 67 billion . The challenges are amplified by the persistent problems of weak governance, poor socio-economic indicators, high unemployment rates, dysfunctional economy, poverty, and growing inequalities. The federal and provincial governments in recent years have been attempting to respond to the emerging challenge by undertaking measure to prevent and counter the spread

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