Effects Of Federalism In The Philippines

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People that support President Rodrigo Roa Duterte thinks that the president can easily change or manage the form of government that the Philippines have right now. In other countries that under a federal state, most of them face a challenged before they undergo in a federal form of government. Consequently, Filipinos may suffer to the federalization version of the Philippines. Filipinos must know what federalism is and how will affect their state of that form of government. It is a hard decision or idea for us and also the president that the shift will be as effortless as we open or close the door.1 It means that Filipinos is not ready yet for federalism because they must understand what kind of federal state that the president will build and they need to study the federalism, Filipinos think that because President Rodrigo Roa Duterte make Davao a peaceful and great city and that 's why the supporters of the president think that the president can easily manage, can easily shift the form of government that Filipinos have right now and change the government but its not.2 Federalism is the main issue in some city 's and school also. There are several studies that some city 's are not yet ready in shitt federal form of government like Central Visayas, they are seen as not ready for federalism shift because they need some furthermore studies and a lot of knowledge about a federal state. They must have more control over their plans and laws. Even the president says that the
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