Effects Of Formative Assessment

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Learning English as a foreign and second language becomes popular to show what the teachers and instructors ' effort in daily activities and tasks have an effect on learners’ progression, formative and summative assessment can be considered as the ways to evaluate learners performances. Formative assessment can be used to assess and evaluate learners’ performance in every day and weekly tasks. Formative assessment is regarded to be evaluation strategies that support teachers to know about weakness and strength of learners and also to find out when It is necessary to change and reform the task to improve learners’ progression. This research tries to discover and sheds light on the crucial issue, which the effect of formative assessment on the learners’ oral proficiency in the Department of English in CharmwUniversity from Iraq. Especially, the main attempts of the research show the important role of formative assessment on learners speaking skill. So as to examine and investigate our hypothesis, we use descriptive statistics, which aims to describe two variables. Formative assessment is the independent variable and speaking skill becomes dependent variable. Two kinds of questionnaire can be used to gather data, first, students questionnaire administer to ( ) students from third stage of Charmw university and second, teachers questionnaire administer to ( ) teachers from different levels of education to know opinion about teaching procedures. They were chosen randomly to
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