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Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing is the way of breaking dense rocks in the ground to create a fracture network to make crude oil and natural gas flow in a wellbore to bring on the surface. The process of fracking is complex. Workers have to inject fluids like water, sand, and other chemicals into the ground. Fracking is a good way to get resources but ultimately bad for human health and the environment. There are different types of pollutants that bould be released, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), particulate matter, and methane. Air Impacts Fracking effects on human health: Fracking releases a gas known as carcinogens. This type of gas is harmful to…show more content…
Fracking also leaves leaking methane to make ordinary water as flammable as lighter fluid. These fluid could affect the water and add unnecessary acids or chemicals, which is dangerous for the environment and humans. In an ecosystem where the water source is scarce, the polluted source would affect the environment. Fracking has affected and damaged so many ecosystems many species have died out but those…show more content…
Fracking consumes two hundred and fifty billions gallons of water from two thousand and four to two thousand and fourteen. In that time frame fracking also produced two hundred and ten billion in waste water. That is a lot of water that could be put to good use besides fracking. While people say fracking is does not use that much water in the long run it is still harmful to our environment to produce that amount of waste water. While it is better than most because it uses less than one percent of water nation wide it is still just as bad. CONCLUSION In conclusion fracking has major impacts on our lithosphere that is not entirely good. While the impacts may have minor to some it still has a harmful effect. Fracking has impacts on the environment the same way it has on us, if fracking affects the environment the environment will affect us by air impacts, water and many more ways. We should mind how much we use fracking because while it may not have impacts that is of concern right not you never know what the future will

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