The Globalization Of Popular Music Analysis

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As a society globalization has played a big role in shaping what it is today and will continue to shape and change the society. Globalization has become an important aspect in society that gets people to connect with one another. Music has become such an important part of globalization that critics have said that fusion music harms the authenticity of oriental music. I argue that fusion music brings diverse styles into oriental music, which enriches the quality of oriental music in many ways. It has been shown throughout history that the different styles of music have influenced others to incorporate their own style. Different types of music have shaped how people in different areas can use it to fit their own needs. As the world continues…show more content…
In a study by March Verboard and Amanda Brandellero titled, The Globalization of Popular Music , 1960-2010: A Multilevel Analysis of Music Flows, studies how the pop chart is successful in many foreign countries and how much impact it is making. The study starts off with different theories and hypothesizes of how an artist or music can become successful in a foreign country. It then goes on my explaining the different methods they used to conduct research or data to back up their theories and hypothesis. They did this by taking the weekly top 15 pop music charts from different countries and comparing the success of these songs by looking at the difference the countries had between them all. It explains that while many countries today are open to international music or international hits, but they were successful in the countries at different times. It mentions how France made a big leap to be open to international hits and that in about five years later Italy was then open to international hits (Verboord and Brandellero 2016). This goes to show that the success of a song or music genre depends if the country itself is open to having international being influenced in their country. There is a analysis that best describes how these charts are successful in some countries and not in others. The analysis is, “The descriptive analyses of trends in…show more content…
In an article by R. Anderson Sutton titled, Korean Fusion Music On The World Stage: Perspectives on the Aesthetics of Hybridity, talks about how fusion has happened in Korea and how that has exposed Korea to Korean fusion music. Also it talks about the international exposure that Korean fusion music has experienced. It talks about how many of today’s popular Korean artist have had some sort of influenced by Western culture or musical style. It is seen in many of their songs today how they incorporate Western styles with their own Korean styles by integrating the two. They do this by using Korean and English lyrics, and also by mixing the music and the style of dancing they do. While they do incorporate Western culture they don’t loose sight of their own Korean culture. This type of music is also widely known as, Kpop, and it has a strong influence on those of all different backgrounds of Asian youth and it also has a strong influence of those from Western Culture, like America and even the U.K. This article mentions the importance the role the Internet has on society today. The article says, “The internet has great potential for spreading awareness and exposure to the countless varieties of music around the world and for promoting the sale of music CDs and downloads” (Sutton 2009). I found this to be a great

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