Effects Of Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

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What is discrimination at the workplace ? Discrimination is defined as an unfavorable and unequal treatment towards a person or a group of people due to the differences with other individuals. These differences can take various forms and are all different from each other. Such as the origin ,race , religion and the sex of a person. Gender discrimination happened when male-dominance was introduced in society. As everyone would think that women and men can have the same abilities and skills in work , but this doesn 't appear real for everyone in the society. Men are seen as the leaders in the working area and are seen as the gender that brings success. The picture that people get from women working is them working the easy jobs such as kitchen work, cleaning and easy jobs at the office.

From day to day a lot of women get affected from the way they get treated at the workplace, one of them is psychological effects. The definition of psychological effects is the way how certain information and actions affects people’s physical and mental health.

There are various reasons why women get less accepted in a working place. Pregnancy is one problem that could give a disadvantage to the company of the person hiring a woman. Where are the chances of the woman not leaving the workplace in a couple of years if she wants to have a family ? Therefore it is easier to hire a man that will put all of his life into work and be sure on staying in the company for a long time. The fact

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