Effects Of Gender Inequality

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Women are not paid less because they choose lower paying jobs. The difference between the pay gap or position in a company given to women is due to their race and the simple fact that they are women. Discrimination against women in the labor field has not declined in recent years. It has increased considerably, making it impossible for women in many places to succeed. Even if they have the same preparation as men. Probably the main problem caused by gender inequality. The wage gap between men and women, as it translates into greater purchasing power for men, is the greatest generator of gender inequality.
Pay gap effects are notable in situations such as the choice between work, maternity and future pensions. The pay gap which reflects ongoing
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Discrimination against women at work is still a reality and more in rich countries. Women must work almost 80 days more than a man so they can possibly earn the same, and still don’t have the same salary. It’s probably one of the worst problems that women are facing right now. Ironically, in XXI century the problem persists and it is even worse. While a lot of education is a useful tool for increasing earnings, it is not effective against the gender pay gap. Education improves earnings for women of all races and ethnicities, but they are affected by race and ethnicity as well as…show more content…
The problem with all of this is that most people believe that women are only good for domestic work. As i mentioned earlier, the fact them seen as domestic workers causes that they are not to be seen for their work potential or their university studies. As well as many of them are seen as sexual objects. In general women do not get paid less because they want to, the reality is that gender equality in the workplace still does not benefit women and probably never will, this cause women to accept a job knowing that it is more likely that they will not have the same salary as men. Women are more qualified, and their workday is up to ten hours more per week than that of a man. However, women continue to earn substantially less than their male peers, and access fewer important

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