Effects Of Girls In Pakistan Essay

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According to UNESCO, Pakistan is the country with the 2nd highest number of children who are not in school, and two-thirds of these children are girls. Girls in Pakistan are more likely than boys to drop out of primary school, mainly owing to poverty. Only 54% of girls are enrolled in primary school, dropping to 30% for secondary school. Although gender equality in education has improved from 2001 to 2011, the World Bank still reports a ratio of 79 girls to 100 boys in primary and secondary schools. In this case, Pakistan must start giving girls the same education as boys in order to pull itself out of poverty.

Poverty is most likely an unpleasant truth which silently forces one to die in the end. It is a condition where’s a person cannot fulfil his basic needs of food, clothing and housing. There’s a high trend of poverty in Pakistan. According to the Estimations of the World Bank 2011, almost 40% of 107 developing countries are under
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This unwelcome idea has also kept many girls out of school, since their parents prefer to have them at home doing nothing rather than to get bullied and humiliated by others. Once girls gain access to schools in Pakistan, however, they may experience both direct physical threats and more delicate assaults on their confidence, and identity. The journey to school may be unsafe, since many girls experience harassment and physical attacks either on public transportation in urban areas or remote part in rural areas. For instance, Malala was a Pakistani student in one of the schools in Pakistan. She was threatened by Taliban more than once. One day they came to her bus and shot her on the head. This scene has forced most of the parents to keep their daughters away from school. The threats that come in the form of unequal treatment, harassment, bullying and underrating girls harm them in profound and long lasting ways in terms of school

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