Effects Of Global Warming In Swaziland

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Introduction I will be carrying out a research on effects of global warming Swaziland. This research will be carried out in the country of Swaziland to find out the causes of global warming in the country and the effects it has had in the country of Swaziland. Global warming is the gradual increase of the earth temperature due to causes like pollution. We see that Swaziland has been experiencing the effects of global warming and some of them might be the shortage of some of it crops, water. We see that global warming has the greatest impact on the environment that the whole world is affected by the increase of Global warming. So this research…show more content…
The country’s electricity it comes from fossil fuels. Swaziland has been ranked 144th in the world due to the high carbon dioxide emission of which is caused by either wood, The residential and business heating and the or production of electricity using fossils. So if a place like Swaziland could produce its own electricity like using solar plantation they would be able to generate clean electricity. Source 2: Adapting Water Resource Management In Swaziland To Manage Expected Climate Change Climate change in Swaziland is expected to lead to overall warming and drying, meaning that there will be an increase in drought in the country and also intense floods will form. There is also negative impact on the agricultural section and water sector are likely to be considerable. Staple food crops such as maize, sorghum and beans etc. are the crops of which are likely to decrease, thereby threatening national food security. That Global warming is affecting the water in the country of Swaziland creating a shortage of it and in some area therefor causing drought. Source 3: Life between the…show more content…
Wildlife researcher scientist Martyn Obbard has found that since the mid-1980s, His research shows that as time goes globalization causes there to be less fish in the ocean therefor meaning less food for the humans and for other animals, polar bears have gotten considerably skinnier. The fear is that if the seas ice completely melts then also the animals that live in areas covered by snow will

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