Effects Of Globalization In Agriculture

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It is the way of nature that every single living creature on earth must function from the energy it receives from food and water, healthy food to be more precise. We humans did receive hygienic food but under the influence of globalization it is hard to answer the question whether we consume healthy food or not.
When the process by which businesses or other organizations develop into international influence or start operating on an international scale, the small-scale trades become larger ones. To compete with the necessity farmers and the local industries that produced low in quantities were pushed to produce more and more regardless of the quality. This is where all problems start from.
When earlier before the globalization
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All the natural resources water, seeds, plants and fertilizers which used in agriculture were changed into man-made things. As a result, all the naturally received resources were made human-manufactured.
Sri Lanka is suffering its worst drought in four decades. nearly one million people in 12 districts are facing acute water shortages, farmers are being badly affected by this drought. Many drops have been failed and caused numerous hardships to those who depend on agriculture for their livelihood. In some areas people do not even have access to clean drinking water. According to surveys both food insecurities, and debt were arising sharply among families affected by the drought. Water shortage have led to widespread crop destruction and low yields putting the livelihoods of hundreds of farmers in
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But they could harvest only a half of the cultivation as the drought destroyed the rest. They suffer from the drought, food insecurity and debt as they cannot pay back the loans. The drought has affected 1000 of farmer families by completely disrupting their way of life. And plunging them into debt and uncertainty with livelihood sources fast shrinking and food insecurity rising. These people are in desperate need of assistance. This year residents of drought impacted villages in Polonnoruwa, Monaragala, Puttalam, Batticalo and Hambantota districts do not have any food sources no money to make necessary preparations or their festivals upcoming and the day to day life as well.
When I visited the villages, the farmers lamented that they never bought rice for money but this time they are forced to buy rice for money and this has brought down their livelihood to a level that they cannot even believe they were. Meanwhile, other jobs they find do not give them a proper income for their life. They are left with many uncertainties of life die to destruction of natural resources.
These have clearly resulted because of no rain. Deforestation and less care of the nature has led to a whole village of farmers suffering even for their meals. There is a saying if you have your meals one time then thanks the farmers but the farmers are worried for their food. If this would continue, food insecurity and debt cannot be assisted
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