Effects Of Globalization In Kazakhstan

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Today globalization is the most powerful and significant worldwide process. Since The Republic of Kazakhstan, enter into the world community, it is increasingly feeling the effects of globalization. Currently, Kazakhstan is largely integrated into the world and the banking system, globalization has a significant impact on most areas of the country's economic activity. Like any event, it has both positive and negative consequences for all included in it countries and regions. Some experts believe that globalization has a positive effect on Kazakhstan such as close relationship and symplified type of trade between countries and the indroduction of new technologies. However, globalization can be the source of some problems such as the erosion…show more content…
Secondly, globalization is a way to the introduction of new technologies. Since Kazakhstan joined the WTO, this means that adopted in the civilized world the way of economic development is impossible without initiation to high technology. WTO system creates and stimulates high standards not only in the exchange of goods, but also in technical progress. Being outside of the systems Kazakhstan dooms itself to self-isolation, technological backwardness and preservation of the forms of management that are not suitable to modern market conditions. In addition, the introduction and use of innovative technologies leads to positive effects in extending the range of the supply of goods, an increase in the share of imports; agriculture - expansion of the market of grain and industrial crops; in the retail industry - expansion of retail space, improve service quality. Besides that new technologies have a positive consequences on human and social health by making down deaths and getting big births and life assumption. The installation of new technologies in education is important to the ambitious of nationwide human capital. Contemporary technologies promote effective resource use and can afford to public participation in society. On the other hand, globalization associated with a potential regional or global instability due to the interdependence of national economies in the world. Local economic fluctuations and crises in one country may have

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