Effects Of Globalization Of Media

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1.2 The globalization of media

The quick stream of mass media has been the main power of human culture globalization in recent decades. Mass media has brought society to the highest degree of intercultural connection, but at the same time challenges the very presence of intercultural communication in its classical meaning. In this situation, we observe more and more researchers taking part in the study of the relationship between intercultural communication and mass media. Raising current ranges in this area includes three categories:
- The impact of national culture on the development of the media;
- The impact of mass media on social identity;
- The effects of social media on different parts of intercultural communication (Howard, 2002).
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According to Professor George Chen, mass media brings on fresh digital aesthetic, which is, for example, “interactivity, manipulation, pre-purposing and repurpose. Content in the media creates a virtual skill and ways to generate the content” (Chen, 205, 95). New ways of accessing global information is a key strength of the acceleration trends of globalization in human society. Chen also noticed, “Globalization has led to modifications of all the nuances of human society. For example, social and cultural globalization has changed the idea that is actually the Union have revised the sense of cultural identity and civil society, and urged a fresh approach to intercultural interactions” (Chen, 2005, 87). Economically, massive competition has utterly increased. In order to reach furor in the criteria of mass, the business firm is obliged not only to grasp regional markets in order to meet its own obligatory bulk buyers, but they still have to find the open markets all over the world and help in effective management of mass domestic operations. Due to the pull of new funds, global information is a massive trend that makes new social networks work and helps determine the political, cultural, financial, geographic and other facets of human society. It expands and stretches public affairs, increases and accelerates social exchanges, and connects to…show more content…
The study revealed the fact that due to the impact of culture shock as a rule, these is more hope with social media in the starting line when arriving to a host country, in order to gain a sense of comfort in a new environment with new people. As time flies by, the introduction of social media defected in the interaction with the host people to assist them more than any other method to integrate into a fresh culture. Apart from this, (Croucher, 2008, 259-264), there is a theoretical model based on the integration the doctrine of cultivation and ethnic group vitality to the picture of the relationship between social networks and culture addiction. Croucher successfully formed two suggestions: “During the cultural habituation, the introduction of social nets affects the interaction of people the dominant culture” (2008, 261) and “cultural adaptation, implementation social nets you touch people in-group communication” (2008, 262). These proposals allocate tremendous potential for the future for this study in order to investigate the impact of social media on the process of immigrants’ adaptation to the host culture, which has the ability to connect to itself to the frequency of interaction with the dominant culture, their introduction of the dominant and the popular media perception the dominant culture,

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