Effects Of Globalization On Business

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Ford-DaimlerChrysler, Ford Mazda, and GM-Honda), and airlines (like star alliances) are the examples of few of the changes which have been done the globalization (Alon et al). That is why, this dissertation finds the effects of the globalization on the firms of the business with a specific interest like how does it affect the performance of the firm from both developed economies (like the US), and emerging economies (like Thailand). In this research of globalization, there is an explanation of the processes of financial and market, economic, political interdependence, enhancing social and cultural inter-connectedness integrations that are being driven by the advances in trade liberalization, transportation technologies and communication (Bednall…show more content…
Generally, globalization has impact on everyone. Referring to the changes, globalization has created a new limitless world (Czinkota et al). Globalization changes the living standard of the people, it impacts the firms to changes their business strategies, and motivates nation to make up new policies for nation. The events which are transpiring in world now have different consequences to other different parts of world at a very faster speed that could not be even imagined in the past. For instance, the financial crisis in Asia has severely impacted the business al around the world in 1997 (Baker & Sinkula). and the outbreak of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) conducted in 2003 has proved like how globalization is being spreading so rapidly (Anthony; Meredith), which influences many of the hospitality industry, airlines and other businesses all over the world. Considering the positive side, it enables many of the firms to find and outsource customer all around the world, like the electronic and auto industries. The globalization of operations and production gives advantages to the firms with the help of realization of scope and sale’s (Eicher). Therefore, no one can ignore the fact that…show more content…
Firms that respond well to these types of trends tend to have more improvement in their performance (Hill, nd). However, many of the scholars have described these two effects which are being caused by the globalization, related literature review reveals that empirical work conducted on these on such business firms and effects is scarce even by now (Derdenger & Kumar). That is why, the main purpose of this dissertation is to analyze the effects of global markets threats and opportunities on the overall performance of the firm and cooperation of firm in international marketing performance and marketing alliances.
Objectives and Research Questions
The primary objective of the study is to acquire an even better understanding related to the effects of globalization on international marketing cooperation of firm and firms’ performance, both in the emerging economies and in the developed economies (like the Thailand and US respectively). The first questions of the study are:
Is the performance of the firm being affected by the
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