Effects Of Globalization On Human Rights

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Globalization represents a great intellectual breakthrough on human beings and their thinking, societies, nations, their entities and cultures and their borders.
The adverse effects of globalization on civil and political human rights:
1. Divide the world into highly wealthy societies where human rights and other highly impoverished communities are mostly realized. People suffer from the loss of the core foundations of living, such as food, housing, science and healing, freedom, justice, equality, culture, and opportunities for production and creativity. United Nations statistics indicate a significant increase in the proportion of the poor and the unemployed in recent years.
2 - Exploitation of human rights, the arrogance of human behaviour as if fuel to implement the concepts of globalization. "The new world order does not need those living in Third World countries," says Walter Mason, one of the leading human rights activists in the United States. The reason for this indifference in the third world is the economic view of man as a consumer figure, whose value rises with his ability to buy and feed the big money funds. The world here is a place for marketing and consumption, and nothing else matters. Some analysts believe that globalization is a new conquest of the earth, similar to colonial times, but the difference between yesterday and today is that states were the main party in colonial domination. Today, economic institutions, financial conglomerates, and industrial

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