Effects Of Globalization On International Business

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As business becomes more globalized, cultural diversity has been introduced to more businesses and to their managers. Management styles and approaches have changed in response. This essay will briefly explore how the business environment has changed and the various types of corporate culture. Also we will discuss how management has been challenged and has adapted due to the introduction of cultural diversity due to globalization. Globalization of business has increased as technology continues to improve. Technologies such as internet, email, and system networks as well as Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn have increased the ability for companies to have offices and business interactions on a global scale. Globalization has also seen advancements as mergers and acquisitions have joined companies from all ends of the globe. Business boundaries have become more fluid and are no longer defined simply by geopolitical boundaries (Phillips & Packman, 2002). A company need not have international offices to be impacted by globalization; many small companies may trade…show more content…
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