Social Effects On Gun Control

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Gun control Gun control is a major global social issue that eyes to regulate the manufacture, possession and use of firearms. Gun control policies vary in different countries. The fact that gun control involves and affects everybody makes it become a social issue. It is a topic of discussion in communities all over the world. Although everyone has a right to protect himself/herself and his/her family members, there are limits to which the possession of defense weapons is controlled. Through control of possession, the manufacture, transfer and sale are also controlled. Countries such as USA have very weak restrictions on this issue. This attributes to the facts that USA highly believes in democracy. They have therefore let the constitution…show more content…
For a stability of a society, each part is functional. In the case of gun control, it is evident that all parts are active in formulation of policies. The executive and legislative arms of the government are both seen to be very active in the formulation of the policies. The civilians too are active in the policy formulation. Some civilians are fighting for weaker policies in gun control whereas some are fighting for stronger. For instance, in 2012, a group of Americans who support gun control measures matched to White House on the wake of Newtown shooting. This prompted the president, who is an executive to strengthen the gun control…show more content…
As the regulation on the use of the firearms was being changed from time to time, the effects were also changing in the same trend. Guns in the hands of civilians are majorly for personal protection. It is estimated that at least 162,000 civilians use guns per year for self defense, in which if not for the gun, they would have been killed. By adopting the policies that help control the guns in the hands of individuals, murders, aggravated assaults and rape cases have greatly reduced. It is therefore evident that criminals respond rationally to deterrence threats. Making gun control measures a policy makes it impossible for the criminals to clearly know whether an individual possesses a gun or not, more so if the gun is concealed. Allowing civilians to possess guns reduces the confidence attackers have on their prey. Study shows that the concealed hand guns benefits women more than men. This is majorly due to the fact that women are always regarded as a weak individual by the criminals than men. They are also vulnerable to sexual attacks. Guns are therefore equalizers between the weak and the
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