Effects Of Hazing And Bullying

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In today’s society we continue to hear about the effects of hazing, bullying, and harassment among college students. There are questions as whether there has been an increase in exposure or intensity in the recent years. Although such topics has been a focus of research for years such victimization and the negative consequences that are associated with such behaviors has been receiving more attention from the media and policy makers in the last couple years. For the purpose of this paper, Hazing is defined as the action of hazing; especially: an initiation process involving harassment (Merriam-Webster Dictionary, n.d). Hazing is classified differently than bullying, however, the same influences and dynamics are involved. The only real difference between hazing and bullying is that bullying usually involves the singling out an individual at any time with the intention of excluding them. Hazing can be seen throughout many different social facets, especially among college students and their initiations into different fraternities and sororities. Many times the initiations can come in the form of fairly nonthreatening pranks to patterns of behaviors that lead to the level of abuse and criminal misconduct. In all cases hazing is prohibited by law and is prohibited by institutions and colleges because of the severe physical and psychological abuse that can occur. However, this does not stop college athletic teams, fraternities and sororities from having new

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