Persuasive Essay: Why Should Students Drop Out

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“Our review revealed that there is little resesarch to support the effectivness of compulsory attendance laws in acheving these goals (of lowering the droupout rate)” (Schargel). Each day more and more students drop out of high school and there is no reasonable explanation to dropout of high school. Most students drop out because their parents don’t care or the student finds school boring. Other reasons that students want to drop out is because they need to help there family financially or other peronal reasons. What we need to do is get students more focused on school and help them realize how important their education really is. If we make school more interactive and get students involved, they will feel like they have a purpose in school instead of being left out or even bored. This way they will want to stay and will hopefully get them back on track to…show more content…
This bill should not have passed, the dropout rate had already dropped from 44 percent to 1 percent. The bill sends the wrong message even though it gives the parents the freedom to decide if their child should go to school or not. This is the only upside of the bill but if the parents dropped out then they more than likely won’t care if their own child drops out. All the bill is doing is getting rid of the unruly students and that’s not how to solve this problem(Concord). If the states established the dropout age of 18 then more students would graduate and hopefully move on to get a degree. Even if they don’t get a degree they still have a better chance of getting employed over a high school dropout. A high school graduate and a student with a degree would also make more money than a dropout. The main problem with students that want to dropout is they aren’t engaged in the school work. If they were to be engaged they could not only graduate from high school but obtain a
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