Effects Of Hobbies For Teenagers

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A hobby is an activity that people done during free time. Since it could release their stress or relaxation. But there are also some dangerous hobbies that could their behavior even live. There are so many risks-hobbies for teenagers that I am going to explain, such as party, shopping and addicted to the internet. It is already attached to teenagers in general, but this time I will discuss it more deeply. The purpose of this essay is to explain about risks-hobbies that teenagers do nowadays and how it would affect their lives. The first current harmful hobby for adolescences is doing bad party. Some teenagers would go for an event or occasion, where they could hear good music, dance, drink, and meet new people. This is very common because there are many teenagers who do that to relieve their stress. But sometimes they couldn’t control themselves and went for it too much. Tasnim Ahmed, wrote “However, if one must constantly justify oneself for partying and feels compelled keep partying because of social norms, then it’s more harmful than beneficial.” (2013). Most of people went to party for having fun and a way to build their friendship or relationship, but some of them are going in the wrong way. Parties are most obvious arenas for socializing, but they aren’t the best place to cultivate for building a friendship. They should responsible about what they are doing and at least they 18 years old so they could control their emotion. In other words, party might have some
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