Effects Of Homeschooling Essay

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A. Social Aspect Children who are sent to Regular/Public Schools are more aware of their surroundings than Children who are home schooled because of the fact that they are confined to their homes. Home Schooled Children also, to a certain degree, have difficulty socializing with other people when they are outside. One common argument against homeschooling is that homeschooling creates an significantly large amount of isolation for the child. Instead of being surrounded by children their own age, many home schooled children are lucky to see other students their age once a week, usually during sports or music practices, field trips, family gatherings, or religious events. As a result, home schooled children can find it difficult interacting with new people, understanding social norms, or knowing about current trends among children their age. If a child is naturally shy, homeschooling may permanently hamper the child’s ability to interact with others. However, children who attend regular schools learn how to interact with
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Some children are home schooled specifically because they have social anxiety issues, but to take a child without such issue and home school them by themselves, can create these problems since they might not be able to learn sufficiently how to interact with other people.
Being with others doesn’t just provide the opportunity for large-group discussions, putting on plays, and other large-scale activities. It provides opportunities to learn firsthand that people develop differently, have different strengths and weaknesses, learn in different ways, and communicate in different ways. None of this is in the curriculum. Yet, it is an essential part of our education as people who live in a world with others and need to get along with them. This may, or may not be addressed in a particular home school

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