Effects Of Homework Becoming Too Much Essay

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Is homework becoming too much? Every day students spend hours upon hours doing homework every night and stressing out if they aren't able to finish it. The first form of homework was given as a punishment to the kids that would act up in class. The teacher would give them extra school work to take home and do instead of being able to go home relax and have fun. Although homework can help increase understanding of new topics this kind of practice is not helping students because it can interfere with sleeping, stresses kids and teenagers out and can cause depression, and even make a kid give up on school altogether. Some people believe that homework helps reinforce the skills taught to their students that day; however, if students are getting an overload of homework by almost every teacher every day it gets hard to balance sleep and school work. According to Teen Ink too much…show more content…
To show this, “Can homework cause depression? Yes, if a pupil is inundated with too much homework their life balance is thrown out of all proportion” (Factual Facts). This can help one understand that a large amount of homework can be too much for a student’s mental state. This may also give insight that teachers should be more considerate of the student’s mental health and give less homework. A good point is “Young children nowadays are burdened by too much homework that stresses them. They shouldn't be spending all evening struggling with sums or spelling” ( Dr. Donaldson). It may help one observe that it is not always the most beneficial to have a child doing so much homework. With homework is causing depression in young teens and young adults who knows what else it could be doing and depression leads to worse, it is more than just being sad. Too much home studies and work can really be negative to the brain. Especially after long hours at

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