Too Much Homework Is Bad Essay

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Doesn’t everybody need a break from their work to be more effective? Teachers think that homework is very useful to students, but really homework harms students in many different ways. Some kids spend over two hours out of school working on homework that they have gotten that day, and sometimes struggle with understanding why they have to complete that assignment. I think homework is harmful because then kids don’t have a chance to do things that they are interested in. Some families want to know why homework is harmful, how much homework they should get each night, and even the effects of too much homework.
There are bad effects of getting too much homework each night. Homework is usually the source of frustration, exhaustion, and lack of
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3 This will affect student as they get older because they will not want to do their schoolwork because they have done so much in the past. They will most likely be sick of doing homework whereas it will not be their best work. Experts say there may be real downsides for young kids who are pushed to do more homework than the “10 minutes per grade” standard. 4 I think this makes sense because if I was a 2nd grader I wouldn’t expect to get two hours of homework at night, but if I am a senior in high school that would most likely be accurate. For years, teachers have been using the "10-minute rule" to figure out homework targets. It 's the idea that with each grade of elementary school, a child 's average homework per night. 5 I think that the “10 minute rule” is very useful for teachers so they know how much to assign. The student could also plan their nights around that 10 or 15 minutes that they need to save for homework. Students often complain about too much homework, and sometimes they are getting more than they should be, this could be harmful for
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