Effects Of Idealism In Julius Caesar

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Throughout, Act 1 & 2 in Julius Caesar, Shakespeare illustrates the effects of idealist versus realist point of view, using Brutus and Cassius’s view of Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire. Caesar returns from a victorious battle against Pompei. All of Rome is in love with Caesar, except Brutus and Cassius. Brutus is Caesar’s best friend, but he fears the Caesar wants to rule Rome absolutely. Brutus’s idealist view of Rome clouds his feelings for Caesar. Cassius is a jealous and vindictive person. Cassius’s realist view of the world, his mean and self serving nature leads Brutus and a group of other men down a vengeful path. During Act 1 Cassius notices that Brutus is acting differently. Cassius asks, Brutus what is troubling me. Brutus
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