Pros And Cons Of Migration Analysis

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According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO, migration refers to the movement of person or group of people who live temporarily or permanently in the destination but not their home country (n.d.). There are many types of migration, such as immigration and emigration. Moreover, due to the great of transportation and less strict of national barriers nowadays, there are higher in immigration rate each year. Several immigrants move to more developed countries, such as America, the United Kingdom and Japan in order to get more benefits and opportunities. However, there are three main effects that follow regarding high rate of immigration into those more developed countries.

The first effect that happens
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According to “British Attitudes Harden Towards Immigrants” (2014), most British in the United Kingdom believe that the main reason why a lot of people decide to migrate where else is to claim benefits. Benefits in this term mean opportunity of having higher wages, better jobs and better-working conditions. However, when there are too many migrants come, job positions are not available for everyone including local people. Furthermore, these immigrants are usually lived together in a small area where lacking of basic facilities such as clean water, food which they might end up being infected with diseases (“5 Effects Of Poverty”, 2014). Thus, they come to the destination countries for nothing but sticking with low cost of living, poor work conditions, low-wage jobs and even have no money to support the rest of their families and other relatives aboard. As a result, the movement of migrants affects people in developed countries in terms of jobs position and their own daily…show more content…
Besides, this trend, immigration to more developed countries, tends to be even severe in the next future as there are more and more issues in some less developed places, such as war, poverty and natural disaster. People in those areas would consider developed countries as the better places for spending the rest of their lives then migrant to the destinations. Therefore, it is going to be a big trouble that the governments in those countries have to deal with. They might have to limit or control the number of migrants who can live or who can claim benefit the same as natives in order to keep everything in
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