Industrialism In The Early 1900s

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Before industrialism life moved slowly and there was little change. However, during the early 1800s, things started to change quickly. New businesses formed and there were new inventions. Also, The period of rapid industrial growth during the 1800s and into the early 1900s was more harmful because there is poor health care, unsafe working conditions, and lots of pollution. Working conditions were bad result of industrialism. During the day, many employees worked very long, hard hours. Workers often had very rough times during their work day. Workers worked up to 12+ hours a day and got injured for various reasons. They had been injured by machines, acids, etc. When they worked so long, they got tired and this led to injuries. If they worked…show more content…
Workers often got very sick and hurt because of there jobs. Many jobs during the time period required hard work and workers were always getting sick or hurt. Workers would burn their nails of by skinning lambs using various acids which reacted, resulting in people losing fingernails. Meatpackers would also get a small portion of their fingers cut off from the machinery used for meat. These workers got no treatment for an injury and there were many more horrible things that workers experience. Nellie Bly told us that the mental health patient were abused and treated unfairly. Nellie Bly, a famous muckraker, exposed the real process in an insane asylum by pretending she was ill and went to the hospital. The staff in the hospital abused their patients in various harmful ways. In Nellie’s story, she interviewed a patent who said that she was getting her hair ripped out and put in ice cold baths until she froze. The food there was so bad people would rather starve themselves, while the staff got great food. This was very unfair to everyone and that is why Nellie published her research. In very small work areas, disease spread very quickly among people. In many small factories, if one person got sick, then that sickness would spread among all people. These areas were very congested and dangerous, because the rooms were tiny and fit many people which had led to this problem. An example of this happening was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. Rooms were very small; therefore, this caused many issues, like the spread of disease. Another harmful part of the Industrial Revolution was the poor medical care for
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