Effects Of Industrialization And The Resurrection Of Imperialism

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Industrialization and the Resurrection of Imperialism “Formerly, men were made slaves under physical compulsion. Now they are enslaved by temptation of money”(919), Indian activist Mahatma Gandhi once said. He refers to the greed that was plaguing the minds of Europeans, which caused them to disregard their morals in order to personally profit. The Industrial Revolution swept through Europe, leaving it with a necessity for raw materials and a surplus of manufactured goods. The solution was imperialism because the colonization of other countries satisfied Europe’s demand for raw materials and created a trade output for their extra products. This movement to imperialize during the Industrial Revolution was driven by the promise of wealth and their citizens’ pride in their nation’s success. The rise of European nationalism during the Industrial Revolution brought a common desire to re-establish Europe’s imperialism throughout the world. The Western nations justified their colonization of territories with the idea of their “civilizing mission” and scientific racism. The rise of nationalism in Europe post Industrial Revolution was to blame for the growing popularity of imperialism. The reason that iImperialism became so popular was because it was economically quite profitable, which in turn created competition amongst the European countries to colonize the most countries. Without this competition between nations, there would be no driving force for colonization. In other
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