Effects Of Infant Abuse

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The topic of infant abuse and its social and emotional affects on infant development always seems to be ignored by many people. There have been articles written on criminals and the reason they became criminals is because of the abuse they experienced in their childhood. Not all criminals are victims of infant abuse but studies show that some of them most definitely are, and the most common kind of abuse is neglect. Knowing about infant abuse is important because it happens all around and if we know about it we can easily detect it instead of being ignorant about it. Infant abuse is more common than people think it to be. People should care because this is a serious situation and if we care then we can help the infants who were at one point abused by an adult and give them the right help they deserve. If an infant is abused by an adult they know, how will that experience affect them as they grow older? If an infant is abused by an adult they know, that experience can affect their mental illness as they grow older.
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The first effects of physical infant abuse will happen immediately. The infant will suffer pain from physical injuries, and in some severe cases can even cause death. The physical pain from bruises, cuts, pushing, hitting, will

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