Essay On Interracial Families

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An interracial family is a family "involving, or, for members of different racial groups"1Discrimination of interracial families is a common issue faced by these unique families in today's world. The common prejudice associated with interracial families is a 'tainted bloodline' which causes individuals of a single race to treat them as inferiors. The long term impacts of this inequality include increased mental health issues, the constant need for approval and heightened difficulty of acceptance into different workplaces and education centres. Personal
I was born into an interracial family, to a Eurasian mother and an Asian Father, in a country where we do not originate from. Both of my parents have accepted that some people don’t appreciate their choice to marry due to their racial differences. I
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As a result, any potential children these couples may have had identify as biracial. Therefore the ban may lead to segregation of these interracial communities into an even further constricted 'bubble' than they were before. The children of these couples may be affected psychologically as they may be encapsulated in the feeling that they don’t belong anywhere and are unwanted. They may face verbal and physical harassment by other people who are not biologically like them in the process of them trying to make the victims feel inferior. Many people from the working population might lose their jobs and even if they retain their jobs, the harassment they face might cause them to quit. The ban would cause the separation of many marriages which could cause depression and other mental health issues in both the couple and the children who may be traumatized by the sudden separation and loss. The discrimination of the community would anger people and lead to protests and riots throughout the country which could harm the welfare of the local people who have nothing to do with the matter
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