Effects Of Islamophobia In Netherland

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Islamophobia in Netherland Islamophobia is exaggerated in hatred and fear against Muslims and Islam itself. Islamophobia is not a new problem in Islam-West relationship. Centuries ago since the Crusades raged, Islamophobia has begun to emerge and constructed in the mind and culture of the West. However, the expression of Islamophobia has only recently pop up again. That 's because the rival of Western ideological, Marxist-Communism of the Soviet Union has collapsed at the end of the end of the 20th century ago. The ideological rivals vacancy raises concerns of the West over the rise of Islam as an ideological force that will encounter the dominance and hegemony of the West. Clash of civilizations. Potential enemy of the West after the fall of Communism is Islam. On the facts showing the existence and widespread resurgence of Islamic movements in the Arab countries and non-Arab Islamic world. Islamophobic sentiment increasingly manifest following the detonation event of the WTC and the Pentagon (9/11) in 2001. Although the cause of the tragedy is not clear and its main actors, but the accusations by the neocons West (USA and Western Europe) focused on Islamic groups. That accusation was then led to hatred and excessive fear in Western societies to Islam and Islamic groups, who then called Islamophobia or Xenophobia. In the US, the expression of Islamophobia is not too thick. In fact, the tragedy of the WTC and the Pentagon in the US. The power of the neocons (Neoconservatism)

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