Effects Of Isolation In The Choice

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The question that everyone is asking is ‘How can isolation influence individuals or group decisions?’. Being isolated has done many things to individuals and groups of people. Being isolated means being apart from other people. Some people have things happen in their lives that cause them to feel isolated, it does not just come one day and leaves the next. Isolation as a group is different than being isolated individually in many ways. In the novel “The Wave,” the students were part of a movement that caused them to feel isolated and it affected their way of thinking and actions. Isolation influences individuals or group decisions by making them think or act a certain way. Isolation is being alone and away from everything. Some effects of being isolated in a group are that it affects your thinking, it affects your actions, it can give them lack of self confidence, and it can also affect your way of living. Being Isolated individually is having the feelings of loneliness, you could have a chance of having a mental disorder, also isolation can cause you to feel out of place. ‘The Wave’ had the movement that brought students together, but later it started to affect their thinking and actions. They started to get more violent and they were not noticing. They were being Isolated and they could only talk to members of The Wave. Isolation as stated before is feeling lonely, sad, or distress. The people that are isolated can get more distant from people that they would
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