Effects Of Isolation In The Great Gatsby

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The feeling of desertion can leave a person feeling gloomy and can cause extreme consequences. Separation and isolation can bring a person to a serious mental and physical presence that can lead to some scary images. The writers Grace Chua and F. Scott Fitzgerald incorporate the idea of desolation in their pieces to introduce the reader to the idea of loneliness and despair. Through The Great Gatsby and “(Love Song, With Two Goldfish)”, the writers use the main characters to show their love for each other but create the idea that when love isn’t present, it can mean a world of pain. Each writer creates the idea of separation within both pieces by having the main characters live in “separate worlds”. In Gatsby, Fitzgerald emphasizes Gatsby’s desire by him always imagining Daisy. Everynight, after every long day, Gatsby would walk towards the end of his dock to stare at the green light at the other side of the lake right…show more content…
Gatsby hosted these parties, bought her tons of flowers when he reunited with her, changed his whole life just to make enough money for her. “He had waited five years and bought a mansion where he dispensed starlight to casual moths,” (Fitzgerald, Chapter 4). All these parties that he hosted and weren’t meant for the “casual moths” but for Daisy. All because she was the “first nice girl”. Within the poem by Chua, the male fish is exclaiming all the things he would do for the other fish in the other bowl. “He would take her to the ocean, they could count the waves. There, in the submarine silence, They would share their deepest secrets. Dive for pearls,” (Chua, lines 12-16). In the predicament the fish is in he cannot provide his friend with what she desires. In reality, both of these situations are similar because they are both willing to give the world to their woman but it’ll never be good
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