Effects Of Isolation Upon Socialization

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The Effects of Isolation upon Socialization Without a doubt, Socialization is a key part of the development of a whole and productive human life. Humans, contrary to the belief of many sociologists, psychologists, and psychoanalysts are born with an inherent human nature. This nature is corrupt and self-centered, and is passed down from our first forefather Adam (Romans 5:12). Many hold to the belief that socialization is the ‘major determinant of human nature’. When observing life this theory cannot be substantiated, it would be more accurate to say that socialization is a major determinant of human behavior. Socialization is what forms and shapes us as we develop as human beings and guides us in our relationships and reactions to the people…show more content…
This human nature is problematic in that it is self-centered and ego-centric instead of naturally being concerned about the whole of society. Case studies and observations of individuals that have been isolated for prolonged periods of time during formative years have born this truth out, showing that when attempts were later made to socialize them they were very withdrawn, fearful, and hostile towards others. This is a part of our nature called self-preservation. In observing children even in the best social environments, there are certain characteristics that will be observed. It is not in our human nature to share or consider the feelings of others, this can be witnessed in any preschool environment in America. We want what we want and we want it now, this is the undertow of our human nature that is present and must be resisted and controlled from birth to death. Some refer to our socialization as ‘becoming human’. This is a very dangerous ideology which takes the value away from any individual life that we consider less developed than us. This is what leads to social ills such as: abortion, euthanasia, and genocide. In thinking this way, we need to remember there is always someone more developed than us in some way, and this does not make us any less human. The wholeness of life that we are created to enjoy is very much hindered without proper socialization, which we…show more content…
Four different children were referenced in the chapter ‘Socialization Over the Life Course’ that were isolated, deprived of proper love and care, abused and mistreated in various ways. These are the examples that penetrate deep into our hearts and souls to reveal to us the damage to the individual of improper socialization. We are created to be relational beings. God, our creator says from the very beginning, “It is not good that the man should be alone;” We are to challenge and encourage one another to be better, we keep one another accountable, we cause one another to consider someone besides ourselves. The three main children examined in our textbook are “-Anna, Isabelle, and Genie- who were socially and emotionally neglected or abused.” Each case of isolation resulted in severely delayed or permanently retarded emotional, physical and social development. The length of depth of isolation directly correlates to the severity of the hindered development. The ability to perform what we would consider basic functions of life were completely lacking in the three children. They were unable to speak, walk normally, make decisions, control one’s emotions, change their own clothes, and were all very malnourished. They were found at ages 5, 6 ½, and

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