Propaganda In The 1920's

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Before the 1920’s, the first World War occured. At the beginning of the war, when it first broke out around the world, President Woodrow Wilson declared American neutrality, in which American people would not trade with other countries involved in the war. However, the neutrality did not stay consistent, because soon after, the United States was split because of the different ethnic groups who favored their original countries. The use of propaganda became significant because of the uses to sway the opinions of the American people. During this first World War, their began to fight for women’s suffrage and prohibition. The war also fought for the Espionage Act and the Sedition acts, until 1918, when the First World War finally ended.…show more content…
1). He believes that isolationism is key for the countries success. He rejects the Wilsonian vision for the country and wanted the country to return to their countries former self, which was a very popular view for the people at that time. Harding’s intended audience to an isolationist audience, he is speaking to those that support his views towards isolationism and towards the United States not entering the League of Nations. In 1924, the “Like a Good Neighbor” policy occurred, in which Hoover withdrew his troops from the Dominican Republic, which was another step to remaining neutral and not getting involved in foreign…show more content…
Many people believed that even though remaining neutral and isolated from foreign affairs, it was impossible for the Unites to avoid international affairs. This can be seen by Edwin I. James, who was a correspondent for The New York Times. He writes “Officially, our government stays out of world organizations… we continue to shy at the World Court. But such things count for less and less. We must deal with the world and the world must deal with us. Let there be an international conference, imponderable influences bring the United States there” (Doc. 3). In this, James is discussing how the United States talks as if they are supporting isolationism, but is actually playing a very active role in politic and the economics of the world. James is noticing how there are economic rivals and political tensions arising with the United States and they cannot avoid it for much longer. The purpose of Edwin James’ argument is to inform the United States how sooner or later, the neutrality and isolationism is going to blow up. The United States is trying to make it work, however, he is warning others that the United States inevitably cannot ignore the international affairs and the issues going on in the rest of the

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