Effects Of Jealousy In Marital Life

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How can jealousy ruin your marital life?

Does your spouse constantly monitors your movements and communications? Do you sometimes have to deliberately hide innocent things from your partner just because you don’t want to ruin the peace in your life? Does your partner want to restrict your meetings with other people? Do you feel nerve wrecked and low in self-esteem because your partner picks up fights at the slightest suspicion? Are you on the brink of marital failure?
If yes, then all these symptoms point toward a single disease: Jealousy.
Jealousy is a lethal solvent that can corrode the love and trust in any kind of bond, may it be a friendship or a marital relation. Feeling jealous is a very natural emotion and can actually be helpful at times, by promoting healthy competition and boosting productivity. But when it exceeds its permissible limits, it has the potential to play havoc in our lives.
Jealousy is a very complex emotion and may not always be triggered for obvious reasons. Its causes are more closely related to the way we are brought up and how successful we are in life than anything else. A person who has complete faith in his/her abilities and strengths is less likely to experience this emotion as is the one who has been raised believing that he/she is very special and gifted.
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It is the by-product of constant comparisons and unhealthy competitions. Like if your parents always compared your grades with your friends at school and made you feel bad for performing other than the best, you are more likely to feel jealous when you hop out of your small school world and enter college or university where you face greater competition. On the contrary, if you believe in doing your best and leaving the rest to fate, and refrain from repetitively comparing yourself with others around you, you can save yourself from the negative side effects of this
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