Effects Of Lack Of Education In The Philippines

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At the end of each school year, parents and students look forward to reap the fruits of their labor and hardship as they receive their report cards. Some students would be satisfied with their academic achievements which are due to a good collaboration of their parent and teachers which has greatly helped them all throughout the school year as well as their desire to perform better. Undoubtedly, some would be depressed with what they have achieved and would wonder why they are left behind with other students.
Imperatively, education is a basic foundation in nation building. The future depends on the young, and how to educate them will determine the Philippines of tomorrow (Sy, 1998). Through quality education, produce productive citizens that will empower the nation up to the next generation. However, in the present situation it is sad to see there is continuous deterioration of learning due to many factors. One of the

major factors is that the student takes for granted the process of learning or the value of education.
In our country has a lot of excellent teachers whose expertise in field indisputable. To add, the government provides free education for all in the primary and secondary level. Now, more research studies are being conducted about different teaching methods, the evaluation of the curricular offerings, innovative instructional materials and the like as a response to the more

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