Essay On Modes Of Transport

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Recently, transport has cause significant detrimental effects on the built and natural environment, and hence on individual’s lives. It also contributes significantly to global warming. The environmental aspects of transport sustainability are concerned with atmospheric and noise pollution, land takes, resource use, the effects of waste disposal on the natural environment. The largest impacts come from transport use, but the effects from development and construction of infrastructure and vehicles, as well as the waste from their disposal, add to the environmental costs of transport. In general, transport makes travelling much more convenient as it brings people to certain places at certain times but this is not what this research paper is about. This research paper is about the devastating effects that it causes to the local and global environment. It is essential to find out more about the concept of transportation and its overwhelming effects on the local and global environments This essay will aim to outline the three modes of transport and how it effects the local and global environment in my country. Land transport, mainly cars and buses as it has one of the most overwhelming effects on the local environment here.…show more content…
Research shows that all the kinds of transportation have many different kinds of effects on the environment. It has only been possible to cover the three different modes of transport and how it affects the environment but there are many more affects on the environment caused by other different transports. Much research has been done in this field as to state a point about how transport affects the environment. It is clear that there is a very strong connection between transportation and environment. In my opinion, I agree that that transport does affect the environment and that it should be stopped by finding a
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