La Belle Dame Analysis

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Love has had effects on people that forms or changes their points of view and the poems ‘La Belle sans dame merci’, ‘First love’, ‘My last duchess’, ‘The laboratory’, ‘Valentine’ and ‘Sonnet 116’ display both the effects and views of love different people may have by using punctuation, sentence length, structure and literary techniques to portray this. Each poem can be compared to another as they may have different views on the same subject, for example ‘Sonnet 116’ with ‘Valentine’, as they both portray their different opinions of love and what effect it has on people, ‘My last duchess’ with ‘The laboratory’, as they reference jealousy and how some people can be jealous and how they act upon it, and ‘La Belle sans dame merci’ along with ‘First love’, display the depression caused by love and the different ways people try to handle it.

Within the poem ‘La Belle dame sans merci’, the voice of the poem; who is referred to as a
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The similarities between the two are that they both reference how cold they become without love as well as how pale they turn. They also use pronouns to represent the idea that men see women as objects to be kept and flaunted. Another thing that separates these two poems is that ‘first love’ is a ballad and ‘La Belle dame sans merci’ is a monologue but, what links them is that they’re both about unrequited love as they’re both rejected by the people they first fell in love with, and this ruins their perspective on love and for the knight it ruins his views on women as he now sees them as harlots and
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