Effects Of Low Self-Esteem

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The people most susceptible to low self-esteem are American teenagers. Several different factors contribute to a person’s self-esteem. Often teens face pressure to be skinny and or pretty from friends, family, and social media. Comments made by anyone, but especially an individual’s close friends, can be negatively impactful. New studies have allowed advances in the understanding of eating disorders, “Recent research also suggests that low self-esteem in adolescence may be a harbinger for poor longer-term outcomes, such as fewer years of post-secondary education, greater likelihood of joblessness and financial difficulties, as well as poorer mental/physical health and higher rates of criminal behavior” (Pediatr). Every person has insecurities…show more content…
There is more pressure to be fit today than in the past. Pressure can come from a variety of places in a young person’s life. Jack Kanouzi, a Yale student, writes “Adolescents and young adults are subject to pressure from their environment, including parents, colleagues, and especially mass media” (Kanouzi). The media is without a doubt the greatest contributor to the pressure teens face on a daily basis. Regardless, it is inaccurate to say that the media is the only source of pressure. Teens also face pressure from school, friends and family. Those with parents or siblings that have struggled with their appearance can face ridicule from them as well. The pressure from not only the media, but also friends and family can lead to low self-esteem in people of all ages. With low self-esteem comes many other struggles, such as eating disorders and poor life…show more content…
They are also closely related to and eating disorders often begin as a result of low self-esteem and other mental issues. There are also other factors that can lead to an eating disorder. Although there is no one cause to an eating disorder, according to Kanouzi’s study, “In clinical populations a link between eating disorders and personality traits and personality disorders with the symptomatic expression has been established. On the other hand, extroverts are more outgoing and positive in affect, leading to more positive self-evaluations- in other words, higher self-esteem” (Kanouzi). Eating disorders are results of, and in some cases, the causes for a lack of confidence. On the other hand, eating disorders are more complex than they seem.Personality has a vast impact on how an eating disorder will affect someone. Every person is different, and eating disorders are different for each individual. Self-esteem and confidence are also different for every person. How one views his or her body varies, depending on personality and experiences such as exposure to harmful

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