Effects Of Makeup Essay

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Is Makeup an Easier Way to Be Much Prettier?

“I love natural beauty, and I think it 's your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative.” Said Marina and the Diamonds. Makeup is a cosmetic like powder or eye shadows or lipstick applied to the face to enhance or promote the look. Makeup becomes a very important thing nowadays. Every woman tries to look beautiful by applying makeup. Many women think that their attractiveness and beauty depends on makeup, which has many psychological and social effects, while other women believe that the real beauty is their natural look for many physical and social reasons.

There are many psychological effects that make women believe that they are many beautiful with makeup on. A lot of women their self-confidences increased after wearing makeup as they feel much happier and proud, they love the way they look after wearing it and see themselves in a more feminine way and more confident way. According to the survey carried by Sarah Scott in Hanover college. she finds that wearing makeup positively correlates with women’s attractiveness and femininity and decrease their anxiety and worries . Many
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Everyone has their own daily routine to prepare for their day at work or school. Some women take an hour to put on their makeup which is considered as a waste of time that hinder their work as they go late because of that and also delay a lot things. According to the article entitled “Is Wearing Makeup Really a Waste of Time?”, written by Judith Woods. She states that women look much prettier without makeup that also waste a lot of time to put it. Other women become so obsessed by the idea of wearing makeup and spend most of their money on makeup products and never get satisfied. According to the online magazine INSTYLE. It shows that women spend an average of 15000 dollars on makeup in their life
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