Effects Of Manipulation In Julius Caesar

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The Power and Effects of Manipulation in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Manipulation is something that, whether they want to admit it or not, most people have used in some way or another. Whether it is manipulating a friend or family member to drive somewhere, get something from a different room, or getting homework help or answers, manipulation happens everyday in our society. William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, is a true story taken place in Rome about the death of Roman ruler, Julius Caesar. In the play, Shakespeare shows multiple ways how manipulation, or the act of influencing, is used between the different characters. Some people are easily manipulated due to hubris, loyalty, naivety, or other characteristics which ultimately leads to consequences and their downfall. Brutus demonstrates loyalty to Rome which makes him vulnerable to being manipulated. Cassius convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy by proclaiming, “‘Brutus’ and ‘Caesar.’ What should be in that ‘Caesar’? / Why should that name be sounded more than yours? / Write them together: yours is as fair a name” (I.ii.143-145). Cassius wants Brutus to believe that Caesar is not better than…show more content…
This has shown that if one can be manipulated too easily, it can cause for some serious problems and consequences. Brutus is such an easy example because his devout loyalty to Rome and the simple fact that he would do anything for Rome leaves him open to numerous chances of manipulation. Shakespeare then proceeds to use Caesar to show that someone high and mighty can sometimes get so caught up in everything, and themselves, that they do not see the consequences of their actions and choose to believe and not believe what they want. The Romans are then the epitome of being easily manipulated. Manipulation is everywhere; it is a part of everyone 's lives and always will
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