Effects Of Marriage In The Philippines

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VALDEZ, Jessica Ria B. September 18, 2014
Divorce as an Alternative As Filipinos, we look at marriage as something special or sacred and is something that is bound by love and protection. Also, due to our very religious culture and our different traditions, we look at marital break-ups negatively, prompting most unhappy couples to continue their relationship despite the trouble. The problem is, most of the time, unsuccessful marriages are caused by inequality between the couple, violence, and many more possible reasons. Because of this, many couples are desperate to escape their failed marriages. From this, we could see that something has to be done.
Reasons for Marital Break-ups Although most Filipino couples start out well and end up happy, there are still some that find themselves in unsuccessful and miserable marriages. “The number of marriage annulment and nullity cases filed in the country has been steadily rising for the past eight years, with an average of 28 couples seeking to have their marriages declared null and void per day in 2012” (Calonzo & Cayabyab, 2013). With these numbers, something must be causing this. There are a lot of possible reasons that cause marital break-ups. One of the most common reasons is physical violence and/or moral pressure to the victim or petitioner. Usually, women or the wives are the victims of this reason. According to the Philippine Commission on Women (2014), the National

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