Effects Of Mass Media

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Hemira Ahmad
University of Phoenix
Effects of News Media Mass media has grown so much in the past century. It continues to grow and develop more and more and advances with new technology and information every day. Mass Media has affected the American Culture in many ways. It started with everyone getting their information from the newspaper. All the current news and events and new information was read through newspapers or magazines. Electronic media did not start until the end of 20th Century and beginning of the 21st Century. It all started off with radio, televisions, which led to computers, satellite and internet. Information media does have social responsibility. Many people rely on information they receive from
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Now a days you can watch television for the news or go on any social media app and they will have information you are looking for as well. Before the internet, people relied on newspapers and magazines for the news and information that they want, but today, barely anyone reads the newspaper. People will watch the news on television. There are social media apps that you can use such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to share current news and information with your friends and family and your thoughts on the subject. Social media is used by many and is easy to use and get access to. If you are looking for information on something in particular and would like to look it up, many will probably not go on social media to find the information, instead they might use the internet, probably google or yahoo, to search what they are looking for and that will give them what they are looking for. Most use the internet to write articles and share it on websites for people to see and share. News channels all have websites that they share the news and update the website throughout the day to keep people…show more content…
You can look up almost any information. Social media is not only used for news purposes, but to stay connected with your friends and family. Maybe you have people who live far away, maybe you have family that lives overseas, or maybe you just like to keep all your friends and family whether they are close or far away to be updated on your daily activities, and share videos, jokes, news and games with them. You can also share your photos. You can check in and let your friends know where you are at the moment, you can tag people to show who you are with and what you are doing. Almost everyone (young and old) have some sort of social media account that they use daily. You stay connected with the friends and family that you have and you can also make new friends, add people who live in your area, and chat and share things with them, and meet up with them eventually and make new friends or meet a
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