Effects Of Mass Media In The 21st Century

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Effects of Mass Media in the 21st Century
HUM/186 Media Influences on American Culture
Angela Snyder
November 23, 2015
Allyson Wells

Effects of Mass Media in the 21st Century
The first form of mass was the printing press in 1440 by German goldsmith and inventor, Johannes Gutenberg. This truly was the first time that mass amounts of people were able to read published works and not have to rely on word of mouth, teachers, or even their local clergy. Since then each century has seen a change, growth, and use of more effective forms of communication, starting with the telegraph, radio, and even the telephone. As we emerged into the 21st century, the types and usage of mass media is astounding. The 20th century started the electronic era with the inventions of television, computers, and smart phones. Before the invention of television, the biggest form of mass media used was the radio. “Radio 's success spurred technology companies to make huge investments in the research and development of a new form of broadcasting called television, or TV” (Microsoft Encarta Online Encyclopedia, 1997-2000). While the radio focused mostly on news, the television became a form of information with news as well as entertainment with accessibility to variety shows and even commercials. The next major invention to expand mass media was the computer. These started out as large machines within the first generation with limited usage and tasks that could be accomplished. As

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