Effects Of Mass Media On Women's Body Image Perceptions

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It has been proved many times with researches that mass media has an effect on women’s body image concerns. That is, in the magazines and TV people expose to lots of beautiful thin women images and that causes women to internalize unrealistic images of female beauty. Moreover, Tiggemann’s research with Australian adolescent and young women (2009) showed that exposure to thin-ideal media images lead women to feel bad about their body as well as increases their dissatisfaction with their bodies. However, mass media impact begins to decrease among new generation and social media claim its place. Social media sites are extremely common in new generations, in particular Facebook. According to 2015 report of Facebook, it has over 1.2 billion active user worldwide and two-thirds of these users log on every day. Even though social networking sites today’s most used media, there are little research how it affects women’s body image concerns. While making this kind of research it is important to specify the nature of social media use since if all social media channels considered, it will be hard to say which one causes the body dissatisfaction. Given the tremendous popularity of Facebook, and how much time people spent on it,…………………
Social media differ from mass media in some levels, therefore its effect on women’s body image perceptions should be considered apart from the mass media. In the mass media people mostly are passive receivers of what is given but social media provides

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