Effects Of Materialism

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Americans are bombarded with facts about how the “good” life is attainable by making lots of money and spending it on products that claims to make us happy, loved and esteemed. Americans are being bombarded with these facts by TV Commercials who mentions how better your life would be, when having that specific product. Marketers are even paying actors to start conversations about products at public bars and parks. Americans are therefore constantly being exposed to materialism, but what are the possible affects of materialism for the individual American and America as a society? Materialism is defined as the philosophy that everything can be explained in terms of matter, or the idea that wealth and goods are the most important things. Economist would most definitely agree and they are actively stating the importance of consumer spending, which will increase our economic growth. Therefore economically wise, materialism is a good thing and should actually be higher. But what effects has it on human beings, when we begin to value material goods higher than social activities and other important values in life. Scientist are saying that the higher people are valuing material goods, the lower their happiness and life satisfaction will be. The increasing value of material goods in a human being will also increase their…show more content…
The campaign will therefore outline the possible consequences, such as decreased happiness and social skills. These commercials will also provide Americans with alternatives then buying a material good when feeling down. These are alternatives like going for a walk or being with good friends. The TV campaign will therefore make people question if they need that handbag or if it is just a purchase tended to make the person feel better about
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