Effects Of Media On Self-Esteem And Self Esteem

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1) Introduction:

Focus question:

To what affect do images of models portrayed in media have on the youth’s self-esteem and self-image?
• To determine if media images negatively affect the self-esteem and self-image of youth,
• To determine the consequences on health caused by media images on the youth,
• To determine if the female’s self- esteem and self-image are affected more by images portrayed in media.
The use of media has substantially increased amongst society. Today’s youth is exposed to hundreds of images of the ideal male and female figure each day, that are portrayed in adverts, social media sites, television, newspaper and magazines causing a significant impact on the youth’s self-esteem and body image or self-image. The stereotyped images being portrayed are generally unrealistic and unattainable. A large majority of these images have been photo-shopped and altered to hide all flaws and imperfections, thus images being portrayed today are having a significant impact on youth’s self-esteem. These images are setting the standards to how society should look, however, majority of the youth do not look like the images portrayed. When youth compare themselves to the images, their self-esteem and self-believe is affected which could lead to greater consequences.
Personal motivation:

As a teen, I personally have been affected by the media and have experience some of the consequences, therefore I thought it was an appropriate topic to research: finding out to

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